Le guide pour soumettre vos commentaires contre OOXML

Here is what you have to include in a message you deliver to your National Body:

Etage 0: choisir votre pays

Choisissez votre pays dans la liste des delegations.

Etape 1: lettre de couverture


Etape 2: Attachez les commentaires techniques en Anglais

Attach the Set of 203 generic comments. Since the delegation of your country should submit technical comments in English to the ISO secretariat, it is required for them to communicate the comments in english. You can also translate the technical comments in your language, as it was done for the 93 technical comments in french.

Etape 3: Attachez the 10 pages d'introduction contre OOXML

The Case Against OOXML

Etape 4: Envoyez les

You can send them by email for most countries, the best is to send them by email, require an answer that your submission has been well received, and double it by a phone call. For countries where email in unreliable, please use the fax followed by a phone call. You can also put in BCC: gro.iiff|lmxooon#gro.iiff|lmxooon.