Open Letter to Microsoft on the broken Office OOXML

Dear Microsoft,

You may have noticed that 25.000 people from around the world have signed a petition against your attempts to get ISO approval for your so-called "Office Open XML" format. The petition has already been translated into 26 languages. There is a global wave of protest against your attempts to stuff the ISO committees with your friends.

On behalf of the 25.000 people world-wide who signed our petition, we'd like to ask you a few simple questions. Feel free to ignore this, as you have ignored every rule of decency and raped the ISO process in order to get your crummy proprietary format declared "standard".

Anyhow, here are our questions. They're quite simple. According to the OOXML specification (ECMA 376),

  1. What day of the week corresponds to 1st January 1900?
  2. How many working days are there between Monday 4th June 2007 and Saturday 14th July 2007 in countries such as Algeria or Jordan?
  3. How many days did the Spanish War last, which started on 2nd May 1808 and ended on the 30th of October 1813?
  4. What is the average deviation of this dataset (5, 10)?
  5. How many days were in the month of February 1900?

Any half-decent spreadsheet should be able to calculate these. Certainly any format that wants to be taken seriously as an international standard should implement these calculations properly, with proper respect for cultural differences.

Around the world you're asking hundreds of millions to use your software, in education, in business and in government. Please prove - it should take about five minutes - that you're not asking the world to adopt a format that can't even do basic calculations.

Microsoft, use your own software to calculate above answers, and tell us what score OOXML gets out of 5.