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In [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Office_Open_XML#Criticism_Section_Too_Long], about the Wikipedia Office Open XML article:

Anonymous (

I don't understand why any wikipedia page needs a section named 'criticisms'. Anyone would be hard pressed to find it in another encyclopedia. A central tenant of wikipedia is its npov policy, because previously uninformed readers should be allowed to form their own opinions. Criticisms are extremely subjective, and many are just based on speculation (especially in this article). For contrast an article on Nazi Germany wouldn't have a criticism section, rather it would contain facts of major atrocities and let the reader decide for themselves.


The problem with the criticism section is that there is just too much of it.


There is no such thing a a binary blob in OOXML. It doesn't exist !!!

All means

Jason Matusow:

There is no question that all over the world the competing interests in the Open XML standardization process are going to use all tactics available to them within the rules.