Howto behave during an OOXML meeting

At most of those meetings discussing the lenghty OOXML proposal, Microsoft is spending a lot of time on ODF bashing, multiple standards arguments, etc… Please don't spend a second discussing those issues.

This is the way a perfect meeting should be handled:

  1. Please submit the technical comments in due form before the meeting by email, take them with you at the meeting;
  2. Ask the chairman to clarify in writing by quoting the internal rules of the standards body which majority is needed to accept or reject each technical comment that is being processed (it is usually 75%Vs25% or 66%Vs33% or 50%Vs50% or 100%Vs0%)
  3. Ask the chairman of the meeting to keep speaking time only for submitted technical comments;
  4. Ask the chairman to require that everybody, when taking the floor, makes a reference to the comment number (that is filtering out a lot of time where people can say useless off-topic blahblah);
  5. For each comment that is discussed, ask the chairman to see if there is a majority for this technical comment by proceeding to a written or oral vote (the written vote is better, to check afterwards).
  6. Insist that if there are technical problems with the standard, the standards body shall, according to the JTC1 rules, not vote Approve. See here for the interpretations of the voting rules.