What you can do to sustain our cause

Dear Supporter,

we acknowledge the support of our great NoOOXML.org signatory community over the last year. Now ISO has managed to release the ISO standard specification for OOXML. Some nations are expected to file appeals on formal grounds and inside ISO a directive reform process is started to prevent future procedural abuse. Additionally it is suggested to revoke the A liaision status of ECMA International, the privileged access for the ISO fast-track.

Your support and donations helped us continue and build up the pressure. Thank you! You've asked us "what next" after OOXML? Well, we've been working hard. Now we're ready, and once again we need your support. We are passing the torch to a new entity that we helped to set-up: the Digital Standards Organization, or Digistan: www.digistan.org.

Digistan has written an open letter to explain our future objectives.

On the 21st of May 2008 the founders of Digistan and 1,000 supporters have endorsed the Hague Declaration:

The Hague Declaration demands free and open standards in government. It's about our right to participate and communicate without technological discrimination, a human right we all should exercise. One supporter coined the Hague Declaration as a "digital declaration of independence". We like that!

Please: read and sign the Hague Declaration online and add your voice to the many new Digistan supporters.

The NoOOXML.org organizers

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