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Discussions about OOXML and the "standardisation" process.
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by: walterbyrdwalterbyrd
20 Mar 2008 15:10
3 by metuxmetux
03 Jun 2008 20:11 Jump!
Inigo Surguy, the 67Bricks Chief Technologist, was appointed Principal UK Expert in Microsoft’s Office Open XML (OOXML) document format by the British Standards Institute technical committee responsible for British and international XML standards. 67Bricks is part of the Microsoft Empower programme. So How many bricks for 67 Bricks?
by: zoobabzoobab
28 Mar 2008 02:00
6 by arebentiarebenti
29 Mar 2008 14:56 Jump!
by: bogdanbivbogdanbiv
19 Mar 2008 09:12
2 by arebentiarebenti
22 Mar 2008 02:35 Jump!
Academics say developers should be cautious following confusion over which parts of the OOXML specification are covered by Microsoft's "covenant not to sue".
by: ggiedkeggiedke
15 Feb 2008 16:12
European regulators are examining whether Microsoft Corp. violated antitrust laws during its push to get fast-track acceptance of MS-OOXML as an ISO standard.
by: ggiedkeggiedke
08 Feb 2008 12:22
Rob Weir reports that MSFT is backtracking on its promise to let ISO have oversight of and possible OOXML standard.
by: ggiedkeggiedke
07 Dec 2007 14:59
All info resides on a password protected site accessible to NB-chairperson on request and to NB-members at the descretion of the chairperson. Less than half of all chairpersons have even requested the password.
by: ggiedkeggiedke
03 Dec 2007 15:11
How do ballot resolution meetings at ISO proceed? Who can vote? On what? Bob Sutor answers some of these questions.
by: ggiedkeggiedke
10 Nov 2007 15:41
Richard Stallman is known for his strong opinions and sure he has his say on OOXML, too.
by: podmoklepodmokle
12 Sep 2007 20:29
Ireland, the country of Microsoft Europe, is receiving comments until the 11 July 2007.
by: zoobabzoobab
27 Jun 2007 11:43
3 by Anonymous
19 Aug 2007 09:26 Jump!
In France, AFNOR (French Association for Standarts) is responsible for the validation as an ISO norm for OpenXML
by: GuronzanGuronzan
03 Aug 2007 13:56