Guidelines for forum editors

(Suggestions only, please edit to your liking or add comments)

This is clearly not a neutral site where equal voice is always granted to both sides. The domain name should make this pretty obvious. In general, submitted content can be edited or deleted by the caretakers of the site, but these general guidelines should apply for editors and moderators unless there is a compelling reason and moral justification to act otherwise.

Conditions for removal of material

(Posts and comments can be removed only by higher privileged members.)

  • Material may be removed for all the usual moderator reasons, i.e. if it is spam, devoid of content, outright abusive, puerile or clearly incorrect.
  • Top-level threads submitted to "news" are also likely to be removed, or at least unlikely to be moved to the front page, if they are completely out of scope with the web domain name, e.g. by being unilaterally in favor of OOXML. This is a partisan site, not an equal opportunity site. Its aim is partly to criticize OOXML, partly to collect and publish information on the subject.
  • However, defense for OOXML submitted as comments should not be removed unless it is spam, abusive, puerile or incorrect. We do not want to censor comments, we just want to pick our stories.
  • Threads in "submit your news" which are more than a week old and have not been considered appropriate for the front page should be moved to "rejected stories". Duplicate submissions on the same subject may be deleted, or edited into another thread if some content is worth saving. Threads of a temporary nature may be deleted instead of moved to "rejected stories". Use your discretion. If in doubt, keep it.

Conditions for editing of material

(Editing can be performed also by lower privileged members.)

  • Language editing may be performed where needed by anyone with privileges to do so. Many posters are not native English speakers, and make mistakes. Grammar and spelling corrections are always welcome.
  • Posts which are good but too long may be summarized and re-submitted as new, more brief posts by editors. In this case, credit should be given to the original submission, even if it is was an anonymous post.
  • Content editing beyond trivial corrections of mistakes should be marked as such, with the editor's signature attached. The original wording can be kept for reference if appropriate. Suggested format: by stegu: Corrected the description of the BRM process. Old, slightly incorrect description deleted.//
  • Extensive editing can be performed to remove abusive, puerile or incorrect sections if needed, but such edits should be marked as such and identified. Suggested format: by stegu: Abusive and foul language removed//

Conditions for front page material

(Promotion of material to the front page can only be performed by higher privileged members.)

  • Front page material should be held to reasonably high standards for content and style. (Note that this does not mean that it needs to be dry and cautious. Going out on a limb and/or using strong language to make a point is OK, but do it with style.)
  • Front page material is selected to fit the main purpose of the site, at the discretion of the site administrators.
  • Promoting one's own writing to the front page is generally a bad idea unless it was asked for. If you write something up which is not purely informational, and think it is appropriate for the front page, try to find the time to ask for a second opinion first.