Ecma On Office Open Xml

Presentation by ECMA about current projects. Open XML gets mentioned.

Office Open XML Document Formats
• Designed to represent all information of .doc, .ppt and .xls in XML
• Default file format for Office 12
• Proposals for complementary or additional technology are considered for the evolution of the standard, under the proviso of insured backward compatibility.

FFII's <no>OOXML petition says:

8. This standard proposal was not created by bringing together the experience and expertise of all interested parties (such as the producers, sellers, buyers, users and regulators), but by Microsoft alone.

Despite all the cover-up Ecma described a single vendor policy as the essence of the Office Open XML format as proposed to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) fast-track procedure. FFII also urged ISO members not to take the fast-track route for OOXML as this procedure makes it very difficult to apply improvements.

Scenario: Failure of ISO Approval

We still have the ECMA standard developed for a single vendor.

Scenario: ISO Adoption of OOXML

A single vendor format becomes an international standard. The market gets no gain from an ISO approval of a single vendor format.