Here you find publicly accessible comments accepted by different national bodies to ISO

accepted comments

MB Clause No. / Subclause No. / Annex (e.g. 3.1) Paragraph / Figure / Table / Note (e.g. Table 1) Type of comment Comment (justification for change) by the MB Proposed change by the MB
CZ Part 4/3.2.28 p. 1912 te The underlying system for representing data and time should be "1904", as it does not contain the "1900" system error, which mistakenly employed by all newly created documents; the "1900" system should be used only for representing existing documents. The underlying value of the date1904 attribute should be true.
CZ Part 4/ p. 2522 te The standard should offer means to represent dates prior to 1.1.1900, or 1.1.1904, respectively. Enable negative values of the date serial number or put in a different data type to represent data and time.
CZ Part 4/2.18.51 p. 1747/l. 18 te In order to determine language, solely language codes defined based on ISO 639 are to be used. Should there be no relevant ISO 639 code for a certain language combination, area and script, a newer manner of language identification defined in RFC 4646 (BCP 47) may be used. Refer to the language indetifier defined in BCP 47 for the ST_Lang type definition, Remove entirely the ST_LangCode type, or only leave values for languages that cannot be represented by way of rules defined in BCP 47.
CZ Part 4/2.18.51 p. 1754/l. 4 ed The 1033 value is described as hexadecimal, but at the same time, it should be saved in two bytes which would disable saving values as 58380, which would only fit into the two bytes only for decimal digits.
CZ ed Long descriptions of attributes, including examples of their use repeat with all elements where the attribute can be used. The specificaton text is unnecessarily; in addition due to text sharing, in several places there are examples not related to the currently defined element. In the attributes list, please only give the attribute name, data type and a brief description (one line or sentences). A detailed description is to be provided in one place only, where links are directed.
CZ Part 4/6 p. 4343 ed The VML language is referred to solely as a temporary solution to maintain reverse compatibility. Due to that it is inevitable to include the VML language into the standard. The VML specification should be published only as a technical report.
CZ ge The standard is very extensive and it might be that not all application require the implementation of support for all document types. The standard would be of more use if divided to several stand-alone parts. For WordprocessingML, SpreadsheetML, PresentationML languages and shared languages, create stand-alone parts of the standard.