Arguments and technical comments

There are a lot of people who have raised a great many issues which we don't think have a lot of practical merit, but serve the purpose of creating some anxiety during this process. Many of the comments that were submitted had common threads and were put together by people who oppose this activity. —Craig Mundie, Microsoft

All officially submitted technical comments

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest one of all?

For references in these comments cmp. the ECMA specification)

General Background Papers

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Other Technical comments

The other side

ECMA (essentially a Microsoft proxy) has published a document to counter all the contradictions submitted by countries against the Fast Track. This document can be seen as the core of the counter-arguments by Microsoft to convince National Bodies that OOXML is a good thing. A very informative document on which arguments Microsoft will use to discuss with other stakehoders during the forthcoming meetings.

Edward Macnaghten has written a detailed analysis of the counter-arguments and his responses to them in Free Software Magazine.


See National Deadlines.
— the commenting phase is passed. But it is still important to raise awareness and spread the word about OOXML's technical flaws.

Now it is important that your national committee participates in the resolution of all the comments.