Call On ISO

Open letter

We, the undersigned,

Representing civil society, consumers, software developers, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large innovators;

Considering that:

  1. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is considering Ecma 376;
  2. Ecma 376 is an immature documentation of one vendor's proprietary office document format;
  3. Ecma 376 depends on software patents held by this vendor, which block interoperability;
  4. Ecma 376 conflicts with existing ISO standards including ISO26300, the ISO standard for office documents;
  5. More than two hundred other technical comments have been raised by industry, academics, researchers, and experts;
  6. The ISO JTC-1 Directive p.48 section 9.8 requires national bodies to vote "NO with comments" if there remain unanswered technical problems;
  7. The accuracy and honesty of the voting process has been questioned in many countries.

Call on all ISO members to:

  1. Apply the proper rigor and allow sufficient time to examine all technical comments;
  2. Ensure a fair and accurate vote in all advisory committees under a neutral chairman;
  3. Vote "NO with comments" if any technical comments remain unresolved.



Pieter Hintjens


Jean-Christophe Becquet

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